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WordPress is the best content management system available for websites and should be the base from which your business website is sourced. Many of the world’s top websites are hosted by WordPress, and yours should be too. Part of what makes WordPress great is that it allows for various plugins that allow for expanded functionality of your website. Some help with organization, others add additional features, and some offer security protections that are otherwise not present on a website. Here are the best WordPress plugins that you should have on your business website and what makes them so great.


Akismet is the first of the amazing WordPress plugins that you should be using on your website. Akismet is a combination of Automattic and Kismet, Automatic being the name of the company that makes it. Akismet is a spam filter that prevents spam comments and contact form entries so that you don’t have to. Spam comments can become a major issue for websites, with some sites reporting more than 85% of their overall comments received as spam messages. Akismet can save you tons of time when filtering out spam comments and allow you to moderate only the real comments that need a human to verify.


WPForms is possibly the most time saving WordPress plugin of them all. WPForms is a contact form plugin that offers you a drag and drop option for contact forms that can do anything from collection email and subscription information for newsletter signups, to collecting payment information via a Stripe or PayPal addon that can make online payments quick and easy for both yourself and customers. With WPForms you also get the ability to collect data on your forms and see all entries quickly and easily. Download WPForms if you have any sort of form to fill out on your website.


If you aren’t using MonsterInsights on your WordPress website, then you are not doing analytics right. When you run a business online, you better be checking your analytics data on your sales, conversions, traffic, etc. frequently. And MonsterInsights makes checking these analytics a whole lot easier. MonsterInsights links your google analytics account to WordPress allowing you to track your data seamlessly from WordPress. MonsterInsights also gives you cleaner and clearer data, filtering out the unnecessary, overcomplicated data, and instead focusing on the essential data your website needs to understand your performance, like traffic, top posts, sales, conversions, etc.


Sucuri is an essential WordPress plugin that you must be using for your website. Sucuri is a free security plugin for WordPress which helps fight against brute force attacks, spam, and other kinds of internet attacks that might be levied against your website. The amount of spam, bots, and other types of internet attacks that go on would shock you. But all of them are blocked by Sucuri, and Sucuri can block hundreds of thousands of attacks per month, saving your host server time and energy, and costing you significantly less money. More than 80% of IT breaches happen at small to medium-sized businesses. So, keep your website secure and improve the server response times by installing Sucuri.

All in One SEO

If you are not optimizing SEO for your website, then you are on the backfoot for doing digital business, but you can also use this amazing plugin to do some of the SEO work for you. SEO, or search engine optimization, helps your website rank higher on search engines when users search relevant terms. All in One SEO plugin helps to gather all the information you need to improve your website’s SEO on your end, like page titles, metadescriptions, keywords, and even adding your site to the Google Search Console to better improve your search results on the most popular search engines. All in One SEO is a great plugin for any website trying to drive more traffic to their page.


OptinMonster is one of the strongest tools ready and at your disposal for growing your digital sales. OptinMonster helps you manage conversions and turn website visitors into email subscribers and customers fast. They have templates for pop-ups, as well as announcement bars, spin wheels, and welcome screen mats that are all customizable and customizable to ensure that you are showing the right kind of messaging at the right time to get the most conversions possible from your website. Every business site that is looking to improve their sales needs to be using OptinMonster, otherwise you are leaving money on the table.


Updraft plus is the best of the best when it comes to backup plugins for WordPress websites. You should be updating your website as often as you update your website, which means you should probably be doing much more updating than you have been. And UpdraftPlus helps you backup your website automatically, then store it on a third-party location like Google Drive or Dropbox. Updraft makes it easy to perform backup duties on your site, as well as restoring your website from a backup in the event of an issue. Updraft is a great way to take care of an essential website task.

WP Rocket

There is no excuse to not be using WP Rocket on your website. Whether you run a store, blog, game, or any other kind of website, WP Rocket is one of the best tools you can use to instantly improve your website. WP Rocket works to improve your websites speed and performance, instantaneously. WP Rocket works by optimizing your caching settings to give your website a speed boost. If you have ever used the internet then you understand the pain of waiting for a website to load, and likely also are familiar with leaving a page that is not loading fast enough. Give your website an edge and use WP Rocket.

Running your business website on WordPress is one of the best decisions you can make as a website owner. The second-best decision you can make is utilizing the best plugins available for WordPress. Make sure that you check out these eight plugins that are the best for any website.

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