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Lancaster County Timber Frames, Inc.

Web Design & Consulting Case Study

The Challenge

Lancaster County Timber Frames had a few serious issues with their site and hosting company.

  1. Home page load time was over 15 seconds
  2. Bounce rate was over 90% (people rarely viewed more than one page)
  3. Hard to update blog
  4. Social sharing was not user friendly and limited
  5. Hosting company basically quit working for them even after offers to pay for resolutions

The Solution

  1. We dropped home page load times to about 2 seconds
  2. By increasing page load times and a faster site overall, bounce rates have dropped by 50%
  3. Added social media sharing to every blog, picture and project on their site
  4. We created an easy to use project template which made posting new projects easier
  5. Blog posting is now easier than ever

Complete Corporate Identity

Home pictures and commercial projects photography file sizes were drastically reduced.

Resulting in faster page load times and a better visitor experience.

Improved Social Shaing

Sharing added to many aspect of the site

Over 50 social networks included

Easily share posts, projects, news and “ramblings” as Tony calls them…

Better Overall Visitor Experience

People are viewing more pages

& staying longer

Download Time Decrease

This shows the time spent by Google downloading pages, notice the sharp decrease in download times.

Why is this important? Google likes fast sites that are mobile friendly.


Bounce Rate Improvement

Yahoo Rank

Bing Rank

Happy Customers

Mobile Friendly Site

Mobile Refresh

We converted their site to be “responsive”

Rebuilt From the Inside Out

We rebuilt their blog tools, project pages

Increased Mobile Useage