Starting a business can be frightening and exciting all at the same time. Whether it’s designing the core structure of the business, or taking your presence online through websites or social media, it can be a difficult process.

Taking those first few steps might be a bit less daunting with some wise advice from those who have already opened their doors. Here are a few smart and simple pieces of advice for your new business.

Deliver Something of Value

A quick search for business advice on Google will give you thousands of options about what is important for starting a new business: You need this. You need that. Don’t forget this or that.

That advice may work for some. However, when it comes down to it, there is one bit of advice you must follow for a successful business: Deliver something of value to your target audience, and make a profit. Without those two things, nothing else matters.

Network with Other Entrepreneurs

Networking means making connections with other people. It is not about trading business cards; it is about building personal relationships.

Taking the time to build these relationships offers benefits to both sides. You can talk to another person who understands what you are going through. You can ask questions of someone who has had the same experience. You can share your insights, and you can gain access to theirs.

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Talk to Your Customers

This is something so many companies forget to do. They are too focused on coming up with the latest product or a new sales pitch. They forget that their biggest assets are the people who buy their products and services.

Talking to customers allows you to understand their needs so that you can develop new products or services to meet them. You will get feedback on what is working and what is not. You can also talk to unhappy customers and make them happy again.

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Make Security A Priority

Today’s world is fraught with threats to businesses of all sizes. Security needs to be a priority from day one.

Cybersecurity threats are growing, especially against small businesses. That means you need to take steps to protect your digital assets. However, traditional security is just as important as cybersecurity, so you cannot overlook having strong locks, doing background checks, following strict cash handling protocols, and taking precautions to protect your premises and inventory.

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These bits of advice can help your brand new business become a rousing success. What other pieces of advice would you share with those opening new businesses in 2019?