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So just how many people search for restaurants on Google in a month?

Eric Lake

20 years web design and promotion experience

If you wanted to know how many people search for places in Lancaster that contain or are related to the keyword “Restaurant”. Here are some actual stats from google.

“The top searched for sites contain the words ‘near me’.”

Google Statistics 2016

Here are the top searches.

On average there are 20,000 to 30,000 searches per month in Lancaster County for restaurants

“Restaurants Near Me” – 720 per month

 – ‘Near me’ is key here, as people are ready to eat and are looking for a place right now. This is what is called a local search.

“Menu” – 260 per month

“Italian restaurants” – 250 per month

“Mexican restaurants” – 210 per month

There are over 800 more combinations that are related and grabbing some of that traffic is easier than competing with the big boys on the block.

So how do you take advantage of this opportunity?

You need a professional to review your site and update it to be able to show up in searches when people are looking.

“SEO can bring a great ROI. But you have to act”

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