PermitHost – Online Permitting for Municipalities

Tons of Features

PermitHost is your total online municipal permit hosting solution.

  • Completely online – no software to install, stored in the cloud.
  • Access from Anywhere – with cloud storage you can access from any device with an internet connection.
  • Flexible – From simple on-line forms to complete workflow solutions
  • Integrate – Works with and integrates with dozens of online applications like Google, DropBox, Outlook, Slack & More
  • Streamlined – Collect only the information you need and receive only complete and correct Permits.

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  • Integrate Inspections into your on-line process.
  • Allow each inspector to set his or her availability with optional features.
  • Permits awaiting inspections are de-queued until a completed inspection is submitted during the permit process.
  • Customize each inspection to fit your needs.


Each step of the permit process is painstakingly handled so your process is seamless. When permits are submitted, they are routed to the right people who can reject or approve each permit. Once approved the permit is moved to the next stpe in the process, whether it be queued for inspection, routed to another department or outside the office for a 3rd party to review.

Outline your process, we’ll implement it.

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