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Cancer Mapping – New York Department of Health

Mapping application developed by Lake Development Group, Inc.

Project Description

The Health Department maintains a cancer mapping application as required by a New York state statute. The map contains cancer counts for all regions in the state, it also contains facilities that have environmental impacts.

Project Details

Client New York DOH
Date 11/2017
Skills ArcMap, Web Design, File Manipulation and Conversion, GeoJSON, JQuery, Bootstrap, etc…

Statewide Facility Searching

User can find any facility tracked by the NY Dept of Environmental Conservation. You can search by name, address, city or zip code. Users can further filter those results or browse and click an item in the list to locate it on the map.

Cancer Rate Highlights

The site allows you to view areas in the state where cancer rates have dropped or risen unexpectedly. You can find out more by clicking the area and seeing rates and populations over the 5 year time span.

Detailed Site Information

Users can click on any feature on the map to return more information about it, like address, site type, site id, etc. Some locations allow you to get detailed information by providing you with a site id and a link to detailed information directly from the DEC website.

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