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Local Search Optimization

Things that are holding back your local search ranking

Eric Lake, Lake Development Group, Inc., Mount Joy, Pa.

22 June 2016

Here are 16 things holding you back from getting more search traffic.

  1. Incorrect Business Category
  2. Another listing of your business has the wrong address (old listing you have overlooked)
  3. Name/Address/Phone (NAP) number mis-matches across the web
  4. Malware on your site
  5. Violations reported on your Google My Business (GMB) Listing
  6. Name/Address/Phone number mis-matches on Google My Business
  7. Mis-matched address on GMB landing page
  8. Presence of Multiple GMB locations with Same Phone Number
  9. Absence of Crawlable NAP on Website – Google can’t find your name/address/phone number on your website
  10. Address includes suite number similar to UPS Mail Store or other false addresses
  11. Association of GMB account with other suppressed listings
  12. Incorrectly-placed map marker in GMB
  13. Presence of Multiple GMB locations with Same/Similar Business Title and Address
  14. Keyword stuffing in business name
  15. Negative Reviews in Google Reviews
  16. Negative 3rd Party Reviews

Local SEO Matters.

What should you do now?

  1. Select categories that best match your business
  2. Update any old listings on other sites, or delete duplicate listings on the same site
  3. Ensure you use the same Name, Address and Phone number on all business listings
  4. Get Malware off you site as soon as humanly possible.
  5. Make sure you conform to Google standards.
  6. Do not stuff keywords into your listing, in other words don’t spam them in every sentence, mentioning once is ok.
  7. There are a litany of things you can do to get better, contact us to really take it to the next level.