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Any start-up business involves a lot of upfront cash, without much upfront payment. How are you to ensure that your ecommerce business quickly gains surplus, not deficit? With all the hidden fees of software maintenance and hosting renewals, you’ll need to make sure you’re following these three tips to not lose all your cash before it can produce profit back!

Charge Enough

The biggest mistake e-commerce companies make is to not charge enough for their products. And that can be a hard thing to measure entirely, of course, when what most e-commerce businesses are selling must be made, packaged, and shipped. What factors go into what price you should charge? After determining what it costs you, you should also consider the value customers place in it. Can your products be found anywhere, or are they on the more niche, rare side and so are valued higher? Wherever you fall, also make sure to look at how similar competition is pricing their products.

Manage Your Supply Chain Efficiently

The ins and outs of inventory turns as well as shipping and the technology weaving all throughout the process is what supply chain management is all about. If your supply chain system isn’t efficient, however, you can lose out on customers regardless of how great your product may be. Excess inventory is a big risk to your business because of the waste it produces, and because the longer it is stored the longer you are paying for it. Selecting suppliers and software without a strategic plan is simply a bad idea, and can lead to a lot of inefficiency you didn’t plan on that will lose you money.

Calculate Costs

While in the process of creating a budget, people often think about the fixed costs they know they’ll have to pay—but just as important are the variable costs, which can’t be pinpointed exactly but should not be ignored. Estimating how shipping, goods, and utility costs will vary from month to month should be taken into consideration when planning a budget and making sure you do have enough money for the other ventures your e-commerce company is planning on. Creating a fund for unexpected costs will definitely help decrease this problem.

E-commerce is one of the biggest sources of money for new and upcoming businesses, but it is no easy endeavor for a person to take on. With your e-commerce company, you may experience various problems if you do not have a strategic plan in place before ever starting. But get your budgeting done correctly and you won’t be bleeding cash!

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