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When your employees are healthy, their condition has positive impacts for your bottom line in increased productivity and lowered disruption. Your company can help encourage healthy living among its employees. Here are some ways to change the corporate culture to encourage wellness.

Incentives for Healthy Choices

By giving rewards and benefits for certain actions, you can incentivize the right choices. For example, you can have a drawing to which employees who perform any one of a number of actions can earn entry. These actions should encourage people to either get healthy or remain healthy if they already are. You can give incentives to encourage weight loss or even to prompt employees to undergo their regular physical screenings.

Employee Wellness Challenges

Competition and gamification may be better motivators than incentives or social support. An employee wellness challenge may get your employees’ competitive edge going. This can be a “Biggest Loser” competition or even some kind of a fitness challenge. In order to encourage the widest possible participation, you should make sure the prize could be obtained by anyone. If the goals you want your employees to achieve are also chosen because they’ll be fun, you’ll have a better chance of getting good results.

Access to Wellness Facilities

The easiest way to encourage your employees to exercise is to build some sort of gym facility at the office and give them time to use it. If that is not a possibility, consider giving your employees either a gym membership or a subsidy toward one. You will also want to give your employees an incentive to use the gym. You should consider, at a minimum, allowing them to work a flexible schedule or take breaks to exercise during the day.

Provide Healthy Food Options

Work is where many of your employees pick up some of their worst eating habits. The hundreds of extra calories per day in snacking at work add up to extra pounds and unhealthiness in your employees. Consider replacing your unhealthy vending machines with healthy snack choices. If you want to do this gradually, in the meantime, at least give your employees the option to have a healthy snack when they want it.

The tone for each company is set from the top, and this is no different when it comes to encouraging your employees to adopt their own healthy habits and lifestyle. A few adjustments can change the entire health profile of your workforce.

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