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Your brand is the figurehead for your good name. Your company depends upon it! But without being trustworthy, and being perceived as such, you can’t thrive in your business. How can you increase your status as being honorable? How can you become a brand that people trust?

Be Transparent

Transparency in business is not only ethical but profitable. When your customers know you are doing business honorably, and how, they have more incentive to stay loyal as customers. Customers flee businesses that they think are not transparent in their dealings, and so do employees! Employee retention is excellent for your bottom line and shows both other employees and your customer base that your business is a healthy environment.

Form a Bond With Your Customers

Your customers have individual lives and needs outside of their work with you, and considering those things makes you a savvy businessperson. Do you have emailing lists which include birthdays? Individuals love to get discounts on their important days or upcoming holidays. More importantly, though, knowing individual customers by name or preference makes them feel special and familiar with your company. Your goal isn’t a one-time sale, after all. Keeping in touch with your customers helps build long-term relationships.

Create the Fable

Americans are people who love a good back-story! By creating your brand’s mythos, you are helping establish the reasons you are in business, what you love, and who your employees are. While it’s not enough to just say you’re a trustworthy company, showing it in the way you tell your story and how you do your work matters greatly. Your company blog, social media, and overall narrative should match the goals you have for your brand. You are hoping to create a simple, empathetic, and honest narrative that can build customer loyalty by showing both current and potential customers that you are dedicated to building that honorability.

Your brand is the essence of your name in the workplace and being perceived as being trustworthy is only a portion of learning to be trustworthy and ethical as a company. Both are critical, to establish a healthy team and business. Your company will flourish when it has not only surface honesty, but deep transparency and empathy for those who are working there, and your clients. And, being honest can boost your profits as well, so it’s a win-win situation!

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