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Maintenance of any kind, be it appliances, your car or RV can vary.

Why do costs vary?

Websites are made of of many different working parts, much like any complex machine.

Parts of a typical website

How do these affect cost?

  • Databases 20% 20%
  • Images 10% 10%
  • Text Content 10% 10%
  • Design Time & Planning 30% 30%
  • Structure 10% 10%
  • Social Media/Newsletters 5% 5%
  • Cloud or Site Hosting 10% 10%
  • Tracking and Reports 5% 5%

Websites can be complex and the issues with them can be just as complex.

Maybe your issue is as simple as changing text on a page or as complex as a hacked website or database issues.

Bottom line: A web designer or programmer would need to look it over to diagnose your problem before giving a fair quote, just like your mechanic would.

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