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One of the most challenging and frustrating aspects of being a small business owner is not the day-to-day of running the office, but when it comes time to ship your product to your customers. You’ve devoted many hours of work on making the sale and may be — understandably — worried about the shipping process. The following list entails some of the ways you can begin to improve your customer shipping experience today. 

Tracking Information

Any business owner can tell you that adding tracking information to packages does come with added costs, but it’s essential to customer satisfaction. Adding tracking information to your shipments allows the customer to know exactly when their product has left your warehouse and when they can expect for it to be delivered. This can certainly cut down on any calls from your customers regarding the status of their product. In addition, it is also an added layer of protection in the event that a customer files a complaint against your company. Tracking provides you with physical and digital proof that your item was shipped to the customer.

Personal Touches

Despite what shipping carriers claim, let’s be honest: the shipping process can really take a toll on your package. That nice bow or handwritten message on the outside of the box may not be in the best condition when it finally arrives at their doorstep. Although you don’t have control over the condition of the box, you do have control over the interior of it. Things like handwritten notes added to product boxes or thank you emails can give the customer a positive and memorable impression of your company. This provides a personal touch and really helps them feel like a valued customer. 

Shipping Options

Understandably, you would like to have your shipping process as uninformed as possible. However, while this may make things easier for you, it might be frustrating for your customers. Providing various shipping options can really boost sales as someone on the fence about purchasing may not be willing to wait more than five days for their product. Simple additions such as 2-day delivery, 5-day delivery, and media mail (depending on your product) can provide your customers with an overall better shipping experience.

Shipping can be frustrating for any business owner. However, there are various options to improve your customer shipping experience. The list above is a great way to begin laying down the foundation of a strong and reliable shipping process.

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