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One of the first things that new or potential hires notice walking through a business space are the working conditions. If the conditions spell out cramp, too dark, and just overall uncomfortable, you will no doubt have a high retention rate. So, what are some things you can do to improve your office space? The following three tips will lay out some of the best ideas that you can incorporate into your business to improve employee retention rates today.

Nurture New Hires with a Pleasant Workspace

Some of the best and easiest improvements you can make today is by letting in natural sunlight into the office. Showcasing how open and well-lit your office is to new hires provides a sense of comfort and openness. Nobody wants to be in a dark shadowy office because it gives it that sense of entrapment. In addition, data has shown that employees who receive natural light during their work hours have an overall better sleep schedule. Aside from helping with employee retention, perks such as a pleasant workspace and a “recharge room” can also help you woo promising candidates.

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Design for Comfort

We can all recall those long, dull meetings, you’re sitting there and staring at a big board room with these uncomfortable chairs. Let’s be real, being that uncomfortable made us only focus on wanting to leave. This is why designing a comfortable workspace can significantly improve not only your employee’s comfort but the end result as well. Comfortable meeting rooms with large sofas and chairs can increase your retention greatly.

Customize Workspaces

Nobody is the same, and therefore nobody can work within the same conditions. Some might be more productive working on a standing desk while others might produce better results in a quiet, dark corner of the office rather than next to a large bright window. Thus, we highly recommend providing your employees with their preferred workspace. Catering to someone’s preferred working conditions can be a very good thing to keep new hires happy and productive.

Source: 6 Health Benefits of Using Sit-Stand Desk | Flexispot

No matter the size of your space or budget, there is a range of ways to enhance your retention rate for employees. The list above is just some of the ways you can start doing that. In order to achieve a better outcome, always consult with your staff about their workspace and give your perspective on their office space.

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