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Greg's RV Service

Case Study


Greg’s RV Service is run by, you guessed it, Greg. The dealership he worked at for 20 years went out of business due to the recent financial meltdown. He decided to strike out on his own within weeks of the closing, he needed to hit the ground running and fast.

The Challenge

  1. Build a new website
  2. Get the word out fast

The Solution

  1. Build a responsive new website.
  2. Created targeted business listings on many sites and apps as well as industry specific sites and communities.
  3. We set out to get business quickly and move him on the path to a first year that has exceeded his expectations.

Build an Online Identity

We built a new site for Greg that included all his service offerings, newletters signup via MailChimp.

Getting the word out

Here is just his Google Business Listing Results from his First Year!

  • 23,000 impressions on google maps
  • 85 clicks on his listing in just the last 30 days (highly targeted traffic)
  • 22 Phone call requests (last 30 days)
  • 16 Driving direction requests to his business (last 30 days)

Google My Business Impressions

Calls for Service Weekly*

Happy Customers