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GIS Server Hosting Services

Lake Development Group is a full service GIS Consulting Company located in Lancaster County, Pa.

GIS Map Server Hosting

We can host and manage your GIS data for web and desktop applications


  • GeoServer
  • SQLServer Backend Database

Web Mapping

  • Leaflet, Google Maps API, MapBox, ESRI JS Api, OpenLayers…
  • WMS/WFS…
  • Query/Identify…
  • Parcels/FEMA/Census, Water/Sewer…
  • Shapefiles, GEOM/GEOG data fields, GeoJSON…


Parcels, Road Centerlines, etc

Points, Lines & Polygons

Shapefile Import

Up and Running Quickly


911 Address Maintenance

Need to assign new addresses as your township grows but the addressing project has ended?

Assign new addresses with a map click.

Send letters to residents and copy the post office.

Quick Setup, Low Cost Solution