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Some experts predict online shopping is the way of the future. As a business, growth of the eCommerce industry provides limitless opportunities. However, pain points can drive customers away, devastating your business. Ecommerce pain points to pay attention to include your website, the supply chain, and the post purchase experience. 

Your Website 

The average customer has a 15-second attention span. If your website takes too long to load, you will lose customers. Optimizing your website affects the overall speed, resolution, SEO, and organization. Focusing on the technology behind your site will increase overall performance. The cost of your platform should never hinder your sales. Low sales indicate a website that has complications and poor performance. Invest in a quality operating system that lets you customize and enhance the overall user experience. 

The Supply Chain 

Supply chain dependence is a major area of concern for both businesses and interested customers. Ecommerce stores are always worried about running out of stock as such frequent scenarios can ruin their brand’s reputation. Being out of stock often means your product is doing well, but you still lose out on potential sales. Make sure you have a thorough understanding of the supply chain you are part of and what you can do to mitigate risk. Anticipate sales in advance to have an accurate supply on hand. It is also wise to have backup materials or providers if anything does disrupt your supply. 

Post Purchase Experience 

After a customer has purchased an item from you, it is critical you offer a positive post purchase experience. From the time their order is submitted to the time they receive their item, it is the most critical stage for overall customer satisfaction and loyalty. Speedy, reliable service is the ecommerce industry standard. Update your customer with receipts, order status, and tracking information as soon as it becomes available. Offering a seamless return process will make customers more likely to order from you again. Providing a positive post purchase experience turns a one time customer into a lifelong partner. 

Offering an optimized website, staying ahead of the supply chain, and proving a positive post purchase experience will help you overcome the most critical eCommerce pain points. Bridge the gap between your online company and your individual customer by making it easy to communicate and make purchases. Doing so will reduce friction and increase business profitability.

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