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Small Business Marketing

Eric Lake, Lake Development Group, Inc., Mount Joy, Pa.

22 JuneĀ 2016

So you have a new business and are looking for a way to get the word out?

Getting started with Local Search is free to start out. Get your business listed on Google My Business, Bing Maps, Yelp and FourSquare.

Want some Real World Results?

Mobile is taking over.

Mobile search accounts for 50% of the search market.

Mobile search is huge, people are looking for all kinds of business while they are out and about. If you are not listed where people are looking you are missing out on valuable traffic.

“70% of people who search on a mobile device, purchase within a day”

Getting listed is free to start, but that just gets you started. Creating a good listing also takes a little time and insight into each place you are creating a listing. If you are in a competitive market, you will need to take it to the next step, which is using a serivce like ours to push your listing out to many more sites across the web.

Some listing sites are only available through a service.

To compete on a larger scale or push your ranking up to the top, you need consistent rankings across a lot of business listing sites.

Consistency means your business name, address and phone number must match exactly on all sites. It can differ but you will not get the same results.

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