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Happy customers.

Tony Z.

Owner @ Lancaster County Timber Frames, Inc.


“We have been very pleased with Eric at Lake Development Group and the work they have done on our website for Lancaster County Timber Frames, Inc. They are always very professional, timely, friendly, and helpful throughout. They dropped our bounce rate 50%, increased user page views, drastically improved the speed of our site and continue to manage our ongoing updates and changes. We would feel comfortable recommending them to anyone for their next website design upgrade.”

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12, June 2016

Greg L.

Owner @ Greg’s RV Service


“Can’t thank Eric and his team enough the traffic that his website has driven to my front door, has been tremendous. I don’t think I would be in the position I am today without it. I have grown from a sole proprietor to employing 4 full time people, moved to a new location and looking to grow even more. Thanks again Eric.

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9, May 2016

George F.

GIS Coordinator @ Pa Dept of Conservation & Natural Resources


“Lake Development Group has the skill sets and experience you need to accomplish your tasks. I feel comfortable giving him a very high recommendation.”
22, April 2015


Erik Y.

Owner @ Optic Nerve Communications


“Eric is a fantastic developer with an excellent head for business. He is well rounded with lots of experience, with an excellent eye for detail. I recommend him highly!”
12, December 2014

Stan S. PHD

Professor @ Georgia Southern University


“Eric designed several hospitality websites for our management company over the past few years. As a firm that is fairly vertically integrated, we required a litany of services, ranging from web design, appearance, and functionality, to system interactions and back-of-the-house applications. In many cases, both the design and the programming work require some degree of knowledge about the particular industry the unit was in, be it customer perceptions, intentions, and behavior, or usage, storage and adoption issues by the staff or corporate personnel involved with the unit. Eric never flinched at learning more so that he could understand us and our needs and deliver what we wanted. If he required additional information he asked for guidance, as opposed to submitting something both parties kind of knew might not work, and waiting to be told to and how to fix it (as was often the case with our web designers in the past prior to meeting Eric). In addition, he was always pleasant and calm, never irate or condescending to others in our firm that might have far less knowledge about technology and its use. As a service firm we appreciate how important that is. It made us want to work with him and we sought him out to solve our problems. His expertise and personality are two solid reasons you should call him and see how he can help you.”
12, September 2015

Bill C.

Senior GIS Consultant @ New York State Department Of Health


“Eric assisted NY State Dept of Health with several web applications. These included web sites reviewing data and mapping data with web mapping applications. His cancer mapping application will go live in 2018. His other applications are being used internally for research. Eric’s work and knowledge of JavaScript and Bootstrap has produced applications that looks clean and easy to navigate, and are build on current open source models. They were also completed before the projects deadlines. I’d recommend Eric for future work for New York State.”
21, January 2018

Ron C..

Owner @ Carper Signs


“Eric was great, he helped me do stuff for my website that I didn’t even know had to be done. He also kept up with reports on how the website was doing.”
23, March 2018