If you want to run the most effective business possible, then scalability needs to be a priority. However, with the complexity of digital technology and the internet today, this can seem overwhelming at first. Don’t worry though, if you follow these five tech tips then you can position your startup to be scalable and profitable well into the future.


Employees are great, but they cost an arm and a leg to keep on board with their insurance, paid time off, and other expenses like desks and supplies. If you outsource certain parts of your business, you can save money on all these expenses while experiencing continued growth. Consider hiring someone online from across the world for a fraction of the cost.

Leverage Software Over Hardware

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Hardware legacy solutions are plaguing businesses everywhere. Once thought to be the best solution, these hardware setups are becoming costly to run as fewer programmers and IT personnel study or use them. Go for software hosted in the cloud every time you can so that you can access your key tools and data from anywhere. You’ll be able to enjoy better performance and uptime without the expense.

Analytics Are King

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Deploy an analytics platform before you do anything else. Whether you are running one ad or one thousand, have one website or several, want to sell products or simply get customer information for advertisers—you need analytics. They allow you to make informed decisions with key insights from the data, and numbers don’t lie.

Market Research

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Without knowing what your market wants, you can’t scale out to meet the demand. Look into free tools like a keyword planner. Then, search for terms that your market may be interested in so you can approach them with the right marketing plan that spans years—not just months.

A/B and Marketing Automation

If you don’t A/B test your ads, then it is almost impossible to scale. This is because the more you are spending, the more important it is that you’re getting the right ROI. Automate your testing and integrate it with your landing page software so that you are getting the right data and only paying for high-performing ads.

If your business doesn’t scale, then it is like putting an artificial cap on its success. There is no shortage of resources that can help you take your company’s services to the masses. But doing it in the right way involves the right strategy and approach so you don’t waste time, money, or company resources. So implement the tips above for a scalable future.