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Social media is a powerful marketing tool any small business can use to bring in new customers and build a brand. The catch? It’s not that simple.

There are several social media platforms to choose from as you analyze the latest marketing trends to determine which platforms are currently most popular and which are best suited for your individual business. There’s also a learning curve as you grasp how to use them to take your promotion efforts to the next level.


Mobile Friendly Content

Smartphones and social media are a winning combination. And with almost 60% of all internet searches being conducted on smartphones, if your promotion efforts, including your website, are not mobile-friendly, you’re missing out. The call-to-action buttons used by many social media venues rival web platforms in generating conversions.

Do your research. Mobile-friendly means more than just promotion efforts that look good on the end user’s smartphone. Speed is just as important. Most internet users will leave a page that doesn’t load within 3 seconds, and Google favors pages built with their Accelerated Mobile Page (AMP) tech.



Don’t write off Snapchat as an important platform for marketing. As Elevate correctly points out, “Snapchat didn’t fade away and disappear. In fact, the opposite happened. More and more people started using it, and now it’s getting so big that it could soon be battling Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook to be the most popular social network.”

After having a number of their features replicated by Instagram like 24-hour stories and filters, Snapchat is launching a major redesign in 2018. The redesign will be easier for users to navigate, allow for additional personalization of stories, enable users regardless of where they are to create Lenses, includes an improved app for Android, and the ability to monetize. Considering that Snapchat’s user base is spreading globally and being used by older users, the redesign is likely very timely.



With so many internet users and so much competition out there, your social media marketing efforts will require a lot of work and time. For this reason, automation is used by more and more businesses, and there are some great tools out there for this purpose. Social media automation is relatively new, and for many of the tools, there’s a cost involved. But when you consider how much time is saved in being able to schedule promotions from one simple dashboard, you might find the time and stress reduction more than justify any costs.


Video Content

Video is slowly but surely conquering the internet. In 2015, 70% of the total consumer traffic was exclusively video traffic according to Cisco VNI (Visual Networking Index) Forecast Report. That’s a significant number. Considering they project that this percentage will rise to 80% by 2020, video becomes an aspect of your social media promotion efforts that can’t be ignored.


User-Generated Content

On average, 83% of consumers trust recommendations from people they know and 66% trust the online reviews of other consumers according to Nielsen’s Global Trust in Advertising Report. Compare that to the 46% of consumers who put faith in ads found on social media, and it’s easy to understand that we’ll see more user-generated content used by brands on social media moving forward.



Social media is more about connecting with people than business or technology. Learn and grow as the social media does, study the audience you want to appeal to, and you’ll find that the benefits of your marketing efforts to your business are well worth the investment.