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Customers tend to be fickle when it comes to who they buy products from. Generally speaking, they will buy from the first retailer that they see assuming that they can get the best price. Let’s look at some seemingly surprising reasons why a person would avoid buying from your online store.

Not Being on the First Page

If you aren’t on the first page of the search results, it is unlikely that a person is going to see your store. You should also know that not being on the first page means that your site is not properly optimized. Analytic tools may be able to help you spot and fix problems related to optimization.

Shipping Costs

There are a few ways to make shipping more attractive, but if the customer sees the charge for shipping there know it may be a risk. A few ways to make shipping more attractive could include making it free, offering a discount on larger orders or by offering to ship on the same day an order is placed. If you do charge for shipping, make sure that you are transparent about what the cost will be to a customer.

Slow Loading Times

Shaving just a few seconds off of your site’s loading time can result in a huge uptick in sales. Therefore, make it a point to do A/B tests to find ways to make your site faster without making it less informative. It is important to note that site speed is a variable used when Google determines search result rankings.

Incomplete Product Descriptions

There is nothing worse than not knowing what a product is supposed to do or how it adds value to your life. If a description is thorough, it may not matter if there are spelling errors that make your site look less than professional. Thin content should be avoided at all costs whether it is related to your product descriptions, blog or anything else that you share with the public.

Business owners who are looking to increase online sales should make sure that they are making a good impression on customers. This means providing a shopping experience that is convenient and products that fit within their budget. Adding live chat or other customer service links on your site may be an effective way to overcome customer objections.

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